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On Facebook today I encountered a nice picture of Laura Bush, whom, you may recall, married the son of a man I admire and respect: George Herbert Walker Bush. With the picture was text of something she said, “I have always been proud of my country.” With the picture and quote was an exhortation to “Click ‘Like’ if you believe Laura Bush is a great American.”

Right from the “giddyup” as her husband might say, I did not believe her. To believe her, I would have to believe that during her lifetime . . .
Laura Bush was proud of the dogs and police that assaulted hundreds who stood up in Montgomery, Alabama for their rights as ordinary citizens of her country. . .
Laura Bush is proud that tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen and probably hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died because two of her country’s wars in the years since the Korean War were fabricated on a foundation of lies.. . . . . . .
Laura Bush is proud that “cronyism and, good old boy politics” taken to new depths by President Obama’s predecessor make Richard Daley Sr., Huey Long and Marion Barry look like Mother Theresa.
Laura Bush is proud that a national presidential  election can be made null and void by a court whose constitutional dictum does not permit court action to play a role in deciding outcomes.

I could go on . . . . . . .

If Laura Bush is proud of her country, she is the Blagojevich who believes her husband innocent — not because she doubts he did what he did, but because of the principal of the thing. It’s not patriotic to speak out against evil, just as it was not patriotic to try to change Lieutenant William Calley’s mind before he and his platoon slaughtered an entire village of “slopes” in South Vietnam. It’s patriotic not to ask about the stench wafting through the countryside from the new “prisoner of war camp” near Belsen. It is not patriotic to call into question a presidential candidate’s real LOVE for defenseless doggies.

I have been proud of my country most of my few days short of 65 years. I was proud when Dwight Eisenhower was elected President of the United States of America. I wore an “I Like IKE” button all the time at Lawrence Elementary School. I was proud of my country when any US astronaut flew in space and particularly during the entire Apollo program; when  President Lyndon signed the civil rights act into law; whenever American athlete medaled in the Olympics; when Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin signed a peace accord brokered by our nation’s diplomats.

I could go on . . . . .

Laura Bush is a “great American” the way my new sofa is a “great house,” the way Robert Frost’s wife was a “great poet”, the way an easel is a “great painting.” Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Mary Todd Lincoln, Anne Boleyn were — and two still are — major contributors to the story of their countries and to their spouses. All are complete, marvelous examples of important lives lived well — okay, except for Anne. In terms of being a “great American” I suggest Laura and her sisterhood are not “the fire” but they are an all important, essential fuel that made the fire bright.  I will not declare Laura Bush a “great American,” but I say honestly and sincerely that she is a very nice American.

And if she HAS ALWAYS been s proud of her country, I still “like” her in my own way. I hope you do too!

Live long . . . . . . . . . and proper.


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