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Behinder Update 2-18-17

Thought I’d be back to update before now, but it has been a nutty month.  I continue slogging through the mire of my incompetence while observing; deriving satisfaction from improvements in my life here and there.

For one thing, I can close my bathroom door so that it latches. That means, one would surmise, that I can welcome guests over, knowing that they can use my bathroom with some sense of security, knowing that no one’s going to hear whatever’s going on in there even if they’re standing next to the door in the hallway. On the downside, I still can’t flush the toilet. On the positive side, I learned recently that feces do break down and emulsify in the water at the bottom of the bowl. A very slight stream of water comes into the bowl and carries the well-emulsified, stirred (with a toilet bowl cleaning brush) “brown” liquid and eventually the water is clear again. So dispite the happy news about the door and the eventual clearing of the water, I don’t dare invite friends over. That and the fact that I have nothing to offer but conversation (no money for wine and munchies) limits the sense of accomplishment from this minor improvement in my “quality  of life” to only what I am privileged to share with myself.

I ran my first load of laundry in the basement about a month after the plumber fixed the water leak — still no working drying since previous upstairs PIGS, the Hamiltons, broke MY dryer — and my practice of letting my clothes dry on hangared and closet door knobs continues. I’m amazed how nice and unwrinkled my shirts and wash & wear slacks look when they’re dry. But I know I will never be able to RENT my upstairs which has been vacant, not producing the $700 monthly income it produces when people live upstairs, until the bleeping dryer is fixed. I’m lucky I was able to cut back on expenses, including FOOD for the past month and a half. But that water leak was WAY MORE SERIOUS THAN I IMAGINED it would be. The bill from water usage alone was just more than $700! HOLY CALONEY! They’re giving me an adjustment since  I had it fixed but still it’s a WHALE of a BILL. My second of promised $740 payments to the plumbing company is due February 21, and I KNOW I’ll have to get another loan to pay that payment. A final $740 payment will be due March 20, after which that debt will be paid, and I can fix the floor upstairs in April in the hope that I will find new renters for the upstairs. I can’t sustain my high falutin’ lifestyle (Ramen noodles and half a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup  for dinner most of the week) if I can’t find upstairs renters.

Life goes on at the airport, though my museum is not getting the attention it merits since I’m so depressed with the rest of my life as well as the lack of progress with the museum.  I’m still working part time at my employer, and that means grocery money; average grocery expenditure:  $50 a bleeping week.  And I’m not living as lavishly as that figure suggests. I had been taking two peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to work with me Tuesdays through Fridays, but I’ve cut that back to one sandwich.  Most nights for dinner it’s the half can of soup stirred into drained noodles with instant iced tea or wine (cheap Carlo Rossi Burgundy by the gallon jug).  A gallon lasts about a week, though on the seventh day, its paucity is felt. I need to cut back on the wine. It’s not helping, I think.

I’ll continue this blather in a few days.

Thanks for reading it.

P.S. This blog has picked up some new “followers” over the last few weeks, and I’m truly grateful for that. I wish you all lived next door so I could SEE YOU AND TALK WITH YOU. A long-time friend and follower,  a nice LOCAL gentleman whom I’ve not seen in more than TWO YEARS, sometimes comments words to the effect, “Hang in there Job. I hope it all works out.” I post Honey & Quinine to leave tracks; NOT TO ASK FOR SYMPATHY or even DOLLARS. It’s important for me to leave a record of what is happening to me, something to share with the infinite life of the Internet.  Footprints in the snow.,

Live long . . . . . . . . and proper


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