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Long-overdue Update

For the past few months I’ve been concentrating on my book about John Thornton Walker and neglecting the rest of my life, blog-wise and beyond. It’s not been a happy time, mostly hot, anti-social in the main — though I “turn on the charm” when I’m working (volunteering) at the airport museum, and on many days out there, 90 percent of my time has been related to John Thornton Walker, the Hero Who Never Came Home. I have not opened and read about two months of regular posts from cherished e-correspondents including PetPer, PacPar, NewZea, but I have not deleted those posts, and I do look forward to reading them in the next week. I still have not found a renter for my vacant upstairs duplex, but a terrific local carpenter/electrician/plumber has worked a miracle up there, and I’ve placed the FOR LEASE sign back into my front yard for the first time since former renter Shannon Smith of Springfield, IL TRASHED it last October when she broke lease.and moved out. During the renovation, I realized why she broke her lease. She had BROKEN EVERYTHING. Nothing was working. She had told me nothing, though there were clues I should have recognized and resolved if I weren’t so wrapped up in aviation and poetry. In essence, I’ve surrendered my “man card” so I could appear to others (who really don’t give rat poop about me) a peaceful, average fellow.

I’m still running pretty hard here. I must get the final proof of the Walker book to distant Walker family members for them to read closely and correct factual errors. When I make the inevitable corrections I will find a local printer and produce 200, maybe 300, copies of a “first edition.” Where I get the money for that is anyone’s guess. One thing at a time around here. There are other items to mention soon, but I am STILL RUNNING but glad for the time taken to share this much with you.

Thanks for reading this. Be nice to each other. Have a great day!  🙂


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