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Hello world!

This is my third blog effort since about this time last year. I’m here because WordPress seems to promise a more user-friendly environment than Blogger, and I’m wagering the search engines will pick up from here faster than at my other blog, my second, which is based at my aviation web site.

You can learn a little of who I am at “About” at this page, and as I read more postings from other bloggers here and get a better feel for the “room,” I’ll update my info accordingly.

I don’t want to break any rules, but I also want to learn what I can and can’t do here. So I’m sharing a link to my arts web — www.civag.com  and my aviation web www.aeroknow.com   If this works, WordPress has my allegiance for life. FINALLY a blog provider even I can work with and be glad. If you care to view my second blog, find it at www.aeroknow.com/blogofjob.htm  If I am as impressed with WordPress as I think I’m going to be, I will stop posting at my old blog December 1, and this will be my only blog.

Big reason I’m cotinuing my blog, third try and all, is to find and interact with other intelligent people who share my interests and enjoy — and not enjoy — what I will post here: pictures, poetry, rants and laments, honey and quinine.

If you know people who employ journalists, public relations writers, photographers and folksingers, tell them about this blog. I am cutting the corn pretty close to the cob these days, substitute teaching and selling a book of poetry here and there, and I will welcome introductions to incipient opportunities.

Thanks for reading this first entry. A second will follow soonly.  


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